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Why Choose Work with Me Professional Services?

Our top quality training and workshops are designed to help develop higher-level soft skills that will improve the performance of individuals, employees (leaders, managers and front line), teams and groups. Our personal development workshops focus on self-improvement, self-discovery and a bet ter self-awareness. Customer service training will help your team develop the right skills needed to create a highly effective customercentric culture. We offer in-person or virtual sessions. Request a full day, half day or our “Lunch & Learn” sessions. Our workshops can help your Ministry leaders enhance their ability to get the most from their volunteers.
Looking for something different and fun to do at your social group meetings? Book us for your next gathering and enjoy workshops like “Beyond the Vision Board ” or “Who Am I ?”. WWM Training Services offer fun and engaging self-awareness, personal development, teambuilding and self improvement workshops. CALL US TODAY!

Professional Development

The training services offered by Work with Me Professional Services are designed to help build higher-level soft skills that will improve the performance of your frontline staff, your managers and executive leaders.

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Personal Development

Our personal development trainings are aimed at developing and enhancing your personal qualities. They focus on achieving individual goals, self-awareness and self-improvement.

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Build-A-Team Workshops

Our Build-A-Team Workshops are designed to build top performing teams, groups and the individuals within the teams.

  • Employee Development Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Teambuilding Workshops

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Ministry Leaders Workshops

The training services provided by Work With Me Training Services are designed to help ministry leaders develop the skills needed to build engaged, committed and productive ministries. We will provide the training or workshops necessary to create positive and cohesive teams where the focus is on the building of God’s Kingdom.

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More than 8 in 10 HR managers believe training is beneficial to attract (83%) and retain (86%) talent, and many employees (48%) agree that training opportunities were a factor in choosing their current company. More than three-quarters of employees (76%) say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training.
Society for Human Resource Management

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