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Build-A-Team Workshops


Build-A-Team Workshops

Build-A-Team Workshop – Leaders desire to develop top performing teams. Investing in teambuilding workshops encourages a more cohesive team, better relationships, and increased productivity. We offer performance coaching and employee development through individual development plan (IDPs) coaching for your team as a group and individually.

Teambuilding Workshops
Our team-building workshops are great for any organization or group that would like to build a stronger level of trust and camaraderie. The goal of our workshops is to boost morale, strengthen relationships, improve communication and increase productivity. Our approach employs fun and creative activities to engage our participants, to stimulate creative thinking and remind them it’s about the team.

Performance Coaching
To be an effective Manager, it is important to know how to get the best from your team (as a group and individually). A good Manager will have the ability to coach their team to not only reinforce positive behaviors, but to also correct ineffective behaviors. This workshop focuses on five performance coaching models that will give you the tools you need to recognize the unique skills of your team that drive results. We will also talk about the importance of developing Individual d=Development Plans (IDP).

Employee Development Coaching
Employee development coaching can help the participant grow and improve professionally. We take them through the process of creating their short-term and long-term individual development plan (IDP). We can provide constructive feedback and valuable resources to help meet many of their objectives. Employee development coaching will help create a roadmap to accomplish their goals.


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